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Why is tree care important?
Trees are self-sufficient, but occasionally become diseased, grow old and decay, or experience damage due to storms or other types of environmental impacts. Sometimes they become too large or need to be removed for other reasons. When a tree is in trouble, an arborist is the person to call for advice and tree care services.

Why should I hire an arborist?
An arborist is a tree care professional who is trained in all aspects of woody plant health and care, including diagnosis and treatment of diseases, insect infestations and environmental problems. Arborists are licensed by the State of Connecticut, and are required to stay up-to-date with the rapid advances of tree biology, care and treatment. In the State of Connecticut only licensed arborists may advertise, solicit or contract to prune, cable, fertilize or spray trees on a commercial basis. Ask about the arborist's license.

What to expect from the Arborists initial visit?
During the initial visit, an arborist should walk around the property and discuss your needs and the services he or she can provide. The arborist will be able to answer most of your questions, but may not have all of the answers immediately. Tree health is a complicated field of study, and no one knows it all. A good arborist will collect samples, consult other experts and references when warranted, and base recommendations on the proper diagnostic procedure.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured not only liability but also worker's compensation. Certificate of liability available upon request.

Do you provide free estimates?

How can I verify that an individual is properly licensed and insured?
Ask the individual for proof of his/her CT Arborist License, contact the CT DEP Pesticide Management Program (860-424-3369), Ask for a certificate of insurance with current coverage limits and call to verify coverage is in effect. Ask for written proposal that specifies work to be done, check professional affiliations such as the CTPA, ISA and TCIA and ask for references.

Do you use independent subcontractors?
No. All our employees are on staff. Independent contractors typically do not carry workman's compensation insurance.

Do you sell firewood?
No, we specialize in just taking care of trees. We do offer wood chips year round.

Do you rescue cats from trees?

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